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People get jobs on their merit …. But people get right jobs with the help of a Recruiter like us.

Our assessment and our ability to add 2+2 to get 4 becomes valuable for both the Employer and our Candidate and that leads generally to a seamless fix on "Performance" and "Relations"

Our Services
  • Executive Search of Important, Critical and Urgent (ICU) positions at Leadership and CXO levels. We carry out this process from unique and through our enhanced proven and tested Proprietary Model.
  • Carry out Selection driven recruitment assignments of all Senior & Middle level positions through our Ab Initio HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a CHR Global Enterprise.
  • Design and implement various Business-to-People (B2P) Consulting through collaborative arrangements.
Defining Moments
Our Clients Mandate Defining Moments
One among the largest diversified Group in India Group Director HR for the first time in the history of the Group 1. Design first HR Blueprint of the HR Strategy and Processes.
2. Created a Group of 1st Track Managers.
3. Implemented unified HR Policies across all Group companies.
Diversified in Power and Telecom and Infrastructure in India Global Procurement Head to be located in Hongkong. 1. Inducted an Expatriate.
2. Set-up and improved the assessments and processes significantly during his stay.
Clients located in the Middle East Large number of CXO and other positions 1. Completed assignments in record time.
2. Placed local candidates in most of the positions.
3. Global Centre created in Kolkata to service clients Residing in foreign countries.
4. Clients are happier with us than our local and Global competitors located in the country.
The largest diversified Group Independent Director for one of their large Group companies 1. Through discussions it was revealed that their requirement would be somebody who is sound in applied research related HR Management.
2. We found Independent Director from one of the prestigious Academic Institute.
Global Major FMCG headquartered in Japan Managing Director 1. We won the Mandate competing with a couple of Global Executive Search firms.
Diversified Global Group Director / CEO of a Large Strategy SBU 1. Continuous 17 hours indepth assessments resulted in finding right fit.
2. Considered as one of the best CEOs Group has had in the last few decades.
3. Continues even today as Independent Director.
Overseas Clients Several Leadership and CXOs mandates Came to us through our satisfied clients, spread all over the world as referrals and also through our network with API
CHR Speaks
  • We create a Mapping List from the job in a unique and different way, enforces "One job does not fit all".
  • We prepare Long List of validated candidates to be head hunted in 4-6 working days when sourcing has to be done on a "Pan India" basis and 12-14 working days when it is on a "Global" basis.
  • Our Global Executive Centre in Kolkata tracks candidates from any part to any part of the world on a 24 x 7 basis.
  • We never send a CV without an assessment.
  • We complete search mandates within 36 to 40 working days, subject to immediate feedback and cooperation from client.
  • We work for nearly 60% of our Clients Year-on-Year. We have clients who we have been sourcing for the last 2 decades.
Our Clients Speak

What have we done well for our Clients repeatedly over the last 2 decades again and again.


  • Guide our clients to indicate the right requirement / position which would solve his business challenges better.
  • Arrive at incumbent profile after defining KRAs, KPIs and competent requirement for the job well and never the other way around which is more the standard wrong practice.
  • Discard one size fits all "theory" and tailor make a unique recruitment solution to each assignment from other clients.
  • Assesses in depth candidates and also use various physometric tools to minimize the risk associated with selection of wrong process accidentally.
  • Prepare Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Client and Candidate which works as a brilliant on-board tool and improve performance possibilities significantly.
  • Have not seen any other Global recruitment firm to use such a document.
  • Counsel candidates and brief clients for a period of 12 months for leadership positions. Most of these Professionals have a long Performance driven association with our Clients.
Breaking News

In spite of the fact that current Government was installed more than 100 days ago, we with lot of Euphoria artificially created, everybody thought that economy would turn from Red to Black overnight. The ground reality with sentiment of the people is positive today. The Employment opportunities at Top. Senior, Middle still remains supply driven. CHR Global advises you to recruit NOW! Your cost of acquisition will be lower if done today than tomorrow. Suggest you adopt our Shadow Recruitment Model.

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