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Advantage CHR -Our Differentiators

1. Our business and USP'S

  1. CHR Global - Leadership Roles - Non Executive External Directors ( NEED) – The wealth creators.
  2. Ab Initio - Middle and junior management – The feet on street. The penetrators.
  3. CHR Consulting - A collaborative practice.Create solutions to keep the wealth creators and penetrators happy, motivated and fulfill challenges year on year.
  4. Job Description - To find people for jobs and not jobs for people.

2. Job Description - To find people for jobs and not jobs for people.

In CHR Global, the endeavour is to find People for the Jobs and hence the JD is designed by incorporating all the contents of the job and blending them with the requirements needed wherein which the incumbent profile follows automatically. Here the Head Hunting process becomes highly scientific to acquire the candidate as against leaving it to luck or chance where tossing a coin yields the same result of failure.

3. Assessment - Leading to Right Fit.

Every human being is a complex resource and have contradictions written all over him. Assessment of them is a key challenge to a recruitment consultant. Recruiters have a tendency to send resumes from various electronic media sources and these sources are available with all client companies as well. Therefore, an un assessed resume sent to a client is as bad as sending nothing since it adds no value to the client.

On the other hand we at CHR with an enviable track record of 0.5 million assessments, bring a unique value to our clients through in-depth assessments of candidates and which enhances the fitment and stay of a Professional hired.

The last 10 years data reveals that 83% of our candidates selected stay for over 4+ years as 'A' Performer. Our analysis though, is confined to CEO and CXO level candidates.

Our strength also lies in our timely response where within 72 hours we respond to our clients with a validated long list for a nationally head hunted position and within 120 hours for a Globally head hunted position.

4. MOU - A unique model

For CEO & CXO positions we have designed a unique model called Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which helps the client in On -Boarding, Periodic Review and Payment of Bonuses eventually leading to one’s career progression.

5. Our Global Reach – API

Our Global Reach – Alliances Partners International (API) is our non integrated partner. API has total 14 such partners, 12 in Europe, China and India.

We have our own offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Kolkata is our Global Execution Centre too.

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