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CHR Global consultants address the most pressing problems our clients have.

We do this by bringing together the leading experts in the field, digging for the most relevant facts, working closely with the client, and constantly testing our ideas to come to our recommendations.

How we work with clients

Your team will often work from the client's offices. We have found this creates greater client impact and superior development for our consultants. And of course, working on site helps you to foster the kind of client relationships that are so crucial to achieving lasting impact.

Specific advantages include:

Understanding the client culture. To have impact, we need to understand how clients operate and what their needs are. Often the only way to find that out is when you develop a close working relationship.

Getting the big picture. Our clients operate in complex environments with many interrelated and moving pieces. We have a top management perspective. But being on the shop floor keeps us tuned into the nuances of the business so that our recommendations are based on credible facts and implementation is possible.

Building our clients' skills. A critical part of our services is working side by side with our clients to impart the skills and knowledge required for them to successfully implement our recommendations.

Ensuring continuous communication. Being on-site with our clients improves the continuous flow of communication. You'll discover it is often the informal conversation in the hallway, or the ability to drop by your client's office that gives the greatest insight into the client's business and the best understanding of their culture. Ongoing interaction is essential when we are ready to test solutions, incorporate the client's perspectives and insights, or gain their support for a complete solution.

Consultants,Branch Managers,

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