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WE help clients answer the following questions:

Who gets to make what decisions?

How do you measure their performance?

How do you reward them?

The Value™ Net

We create a VALUE NET for our customers, whereby the various product offerings can either be used as ‘stand-alone’ modules or as a seamlessly integrated ‘one-stop’ solution for creating Economic Value Addition (EVA) in the Human Capital space.

[Illustration: Value Net™ model]


Added Value 1

  • Top quality assessment leading to candidates’ self-awareness
  • Career Opportunities: Qualitative & Quantitative
  • Part of CHR Global

Added Value 2

  • Acquiring appropriate talents at appropriate cost
  • Using holistic business perspective in assessing candidates
  • QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery)
  • Both at CHR Global & Ab Initio

Added Value 3

  • Creating organisational structure in alignment with the Business Strategy
  • Performance Management Systems
  • EVA Measurement
  • Done through collaborative effort

Added Value 4

  • Enhancing Individual competencies through customised training
  • Done through collaborative effort

Added Value 5

  • Create ‘compensation and benefit’ structures to align the individual motivation with the organisational goals
  • Part of CHR Global

The model is unique in the fact that none of the competitors in India (or indeed overseas) offer a bouquet of services that is so wide-ranging and which approaches HR issues as a management problem. It is for this reason that we call our consulting model Business to People (B2P) Solutions.

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