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Our Offerings: Board Advisory Services

For over 25 years, CHR Global has helped some of the leading Indian Business Houses build world-class Boards of Directors.

With a long and proud heritage of placing top executive talent across industries we are also exceptionally prepared to help organisations identify outstanding Board Members who are qualified to help them achieve the desired results or redefine the boundaries.

Board Advisory Services is headed personally by Mr. Tapash Sengupta who enjoys exceptional relationships with the who’s who of corporate sector. Prior to presenting a candidate, we take a holistic view of your organization and seek individuals who offer both the right experience and cultural fit. Some of the final recommendations that we make to the clients include individuals with differentiated experiences, functional expertise and visions able to add value to the organization and propel its growth. Having partnered scores of progressive Business firms, we have deep insights into Shareholder / CEO Concerns and also the Operating Team’s Complacencies.

Shareholder / CEO Operating Team
Far more to be done Everything has been done
Anticipating and adjusting to Change is critical for survival Oblivious of Non-Linearity in the Environment and the changes
Opportunities waiting to be tapped, there is so much more to Conquer Dead end, nothing more can be achieved
GLADIATORIAL world, only the FITTEST SURVIVE COMPLACENCY, everything is the best that can be

Some of the services being offered by CHR Global are:

  • Board Diagnostics
  • Board Structuring
  • Board MIS
  • Board Evaluation Criteria
  • Board Inductions (Executive and Non-Executive Directors)

The 12 main agenda for a Board are covered under these 5 headers. 12 point agenda for board being:

Senior Mgt. Performance Disclosure & Transparency Corporate Oversight
Succession Planning Legal & Compliance Stakeholder Accountability
Strategic Planning Environment Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility
Risk Management Represent Core Belief & Values MIS & Business Audit Systems

There are handled by CHR Global in 5 headers, namely:

Board Structure,
MIS & Composition

  • Non-Executive: Executive Ratio
  • Director Nomination Process
  • Induction Methodology
  • Diversity & Duration on the Board
  • Board Ownership Concentration
  • Board Information Systems
  • Outsiders Perspective
  • Board Size & No. of Sub-committees
  • Insiders Perspective

Board Contribution

  • Strategy & Option Analysis
  • Financial Control & Supervision
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Senior Executive Recruitment
  • Career & Succession Planning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Job Descriptions & Role Clarity
  • Co. & TMT Performance Evaluation
  • Organization Initiatives
  • Sub-Committee Role Plays

Board Appraisal System

  • Board Performance Criteria
  • Compensation Plans
  • Level of Accountability
  • Degree of Empowerment

Board Capability -
Role Alignment

  • Capability-Role Mapping
  • Complementary Board Dynamics
  • Networking Strengths
  • Scalability of the Board
  • Board Compliance

    • Corporate Accounting
    • Regulatory History
    • Board of Director Representation
    • Shareholder Grievances
    • Corporate Communication
    • Financial Reporting
    • Board Practices
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Sub-Committee Composition

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