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CHR Global specializes in identifying and placing superior candidates at the highest levels in the organizations. Our dedicated consultants possess the requisite expertise to find the most qualified leaders for businesses across a variety of industries. Serving some of the top Indian Business Houses, the CHR Global team provides unparalleled commitment, experience and trust in the recruitment of your organization's most critical employee, the CEO.

CEOs and the top executives impact the strategy in the most significant way, which is all about growing the business exponentially. The success of a project is on selecting the right candidate and this candidate doesn’t necessarily have to be from a competing company. This is an important factor which CHR Global really believes in. It depends on the Key Result Areas of the job, which are different for different companies in various industries. Conceptualising, Assimilating, Analysing, converging and from works to a person is all about the critical search, or out of box, in our parlance.

Some of the places where we have changed the mindset of the organisation vis-a-vis the position or sourced candidates from an entirely different industry are:

  • Largest diversified group in India – First time decided to induct Head of HR at a level which was not commensurate with the core team of the group. We debated and created a futuristic scenario, and made a presentation to the chairman of the group along the lines of organisational strategy. We were able to convince the chairman that the person has to be taken at a level of Director HR, because of the significance of the position in view of Vision that the company had for the future. Ultimately the candidate was inducted as Director HR. The model was successful wherein a lot of initiatives were carried out under the leadership of Director HR.
  • For a global consulting company we got a mandate to induct a partner to head a region. We identified the CEO of another consulting company to be the prospective candidate to take on the role of the head of the region in addition to all India functional portfolios, but he was not responsible for the P&L of the individual regions. The regional heads were made responsible for the P&L for their respective regions.
  • For induction of a CEO, for an FMCG new large project, after the key result areas were articulated by us and accepted by the client, we found the CEO whose core expertise was on start ups and turnaround scenarios. The candidate came from a consumer durables background. He was able to start the project with a big bang and launched to get flying results.
  • For one of the large construction equipment company we decided that we would carry out an external mapping and also carry out internal mapping of the existing companies to find out any eligible employees who could take up the position of MD. From the shortlisted candidates whom we sent for final interview, one was from within the group companies. Ultimately the internal candidate went on to become the MD of the company.

Whenever we meet our client for the first time, for a critical position for his organisation, we ask him only one question:

“Please share your Dreams / Vision / Strategy with Us”

Our strength lies in the fact of converting Business Strategy and breaking down into the KRAs for the top executives. And then we jointly agree on 3–5 KRAs of the job. We never drive the search from the person point of view because in most of the cases the client describes the job starting by the description of the person.

Emphasizing 80% success of proper search lies in the fact of identifying and articulating the right KRAs which we strongly feel is the job of the consultant, where the consultant plays the driving role for the client. We define the job through KRAs. And of they are properly articulated / defined would virtually immediately throw out the right industry to source the candidate from, and it doesn’t have to be a competing industry at all.

In many of the cases we have sourced people from a different industry than the clients in which the KRAs of the job are the strength areas of the organisation.

CHR Global follows a unique Search Cycle to provide you with the candidate along with the MoU. It is described as follows:

[Illustration: CHR Powersearch Cycle]


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